Training in Sabien

With the aim of sharing our knowledge, Sabien has the pleasure to present information on the following training seminars available to the scientific community at Valencia Polytechnic University, given by members of the Sabien group.


24th July de 2017 at 12:30ITACA InstituteSeminar “Cardiovascular disease status assessment for pHealth applications” given by the professor of the University of Coimbra, Dr. Paulo de Carvalho. This seminar will present some of the solutions for the evaluation of cardiovascular status of the applications of pHealth developed in the Laboratory of Clinical Informatics of the University of Coimbra in the context of several recent European research projects. We will also discuss the algorithms to extract information relevant to the evaluation of the cardiac state of heart sounds and PPG
13th Juny de 2017 at 13:30ITACA InstituteSeminar of Architectures for the interoperability of the systems of assistance to the clinical decision given by D. Luis Marco-Ruiz in relation to his doctoral thesis. At that seminar, the development of clinical decision support systems (CDSS) will be presented as a need to provide health personnel with scientific evidence at the time and place to make a decision that affects the health of a patient. The complexity and cost involved in the development of CDSS makes it necessary to share its functionality through different organizations to make its adoption widely available.
In this seminar, Luis Marco-Ruiz will present the methods developed at the Norwegian Center for e-Health Research to facilitate the use of CDSS among different health organizations using clinical information standards and semantic technologies.
15th July de 2015 at 12hITACA InstituteOffice Professional Seminar given by Ms Pilar Sala, senior researcher and technical coordinator for European projects. This seminar will teach the tricks and tools needed for day-to-day operations.
8th de July of 2015 a las 12hITACA InstituteTechniques for Productivity Management Seminar given by Dr Vicente Traver, Director of ITACA SABIEN and Head Researcher with more than 10 years experience in project management and coordination, both at national and international level.
24th June 2015ITACA InstituteBook Club: Scientific Paper: ‘Evaluation of a newly designed shirt-based ECG and breathing sensor for home-based training as part of cardiac rehabilitation for coronary artery disease’, held by Mr Álvaro Martínez Romero, doctoral student of the TSB (Technologies for Health and Well-being) programme and senior researcher in the VII Marco Programme at national and European level. In this Book Club, he will present his research work, developped as part of a European project, and will explain how he orientated the day to day work (report drafting, software development) in order to make a high impact publication possible, how he managed to get the work published in the magazine Eur Jour of Preventive Cardiology (FI: 2,675/Q2) and what he gained from the process.
10th June 2015ITACA InstituteJavaScript Seminar given by Jose Luis Bayo, programmer and applications and web environments developper, presenting the characteristics of JavaScript language, its syntaxis, its philosophy and the common patterns of programming with JavaScript.
27th May 2015ITACA InstituteBook Club: Scientific Paper ‘Performance Assessment of a Closed-Loop system for diabetes management’ given by Mr Antonio Martínez Millana, doctoral student of the Techologies for Health and Well-being (TSB) programme, and senior researcher of the VII Marco Programme at both national and European level. In this session, he will present his research work, developped as part of a European project, and will explain how he orientated the day to day work (report drafting, software development) in order to make a high impact publication possible, how he managed to get it published in the MBEC magazine (FI: 1,5/Q2) and what he learnt from the process.
18th May 2015ITACA InstituteTools for Communication Seminar given by Mr Ignacio Basagoiti Bilbao and Mr Manuel Traver Salcedo, as heads of the Communication Area of the SABIEN group, they present the importance of communication in the scientific community using the 2.0 tools available.
13rd May 2015ITACA InstituteTools for Scientific Writing Seminar, given by Mr Carlos Fernández Llatas, Doctor in I.T, where he presents applications, practical examples and methodology for writing scientific papers.
11th February 2015ITACA InstituteResearch Evaluation Seminar The content of the seminar covers research concepts, research evaluation using VAIP (Personalised Evaluation of Research Activity), the role of the researcher, how to get published, and publication layouts and tools.

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