Submit an idea for your Final Degree Project or Final Masters Project and develop it with us!

The Final Degree Project or the Final Masters Project represents one of the most important parts of a student’s university career. It is the first contact with the real world and the work undertaken requires the necessary work space and attention relevant to the type of student and the type of work to be developped. Periodically, we update Final Project offers on our webpage, however we are also open to candidates proposing ideas of their own.

What type of project idean can I submit?

It must be an original and individual pursuit in which you tackle a real problem within the area of ICT applied to health, and for which you dispose of a technically valid and viable solution.

Exampls of general tasks undertaken

  • Research, planning and structuring of information on any subject.
  • Design of apparatus, prototypes, systems, arquitecture, simulation programs, data analysis, etc.
  • Elaboration and collection of all available information on: antecedents, problem areas, state of the art, aims, projects phases, project development, conclusions and future areas of study.

Skills you wil acquire

  • You will gain basic knowledge of the relevant fields and technologies, giving you the capacity to learn new methods and theories, and the flexibility to adapt to an ever-changing working environment.
  • You will also acquire the capacity to solve problems using your initiative, make decisions, be creative, use critical thinking, communicate and transmit knowledge, skills and expertise in the field of engineering for I.T. and healthcare.

The result

  • An original study that you will carry out individually and that you will defend before a university tribunal, consisting of a project that falls within the sphere of specific technologies of Teleco Engineering/IT and choosing a speciality in which the skills you have acquired during your course are synthesised and integrated.
Job offers

We currently have the following formal job offer:

  • Technical support staff for the development of mobile applications. ( Offer details )

If your profile does not fit this offer and you are still interested in working with us and getting to know us, send us your details..

Thinking about your doctorate

If you have an average mark of the academic record of the Bachelor’s degree, graduate, architect, technical architect, engineer, technician or engineer diploma or above 8 points(Consult Real Decreto 1125/2003, de 5 de septiembre) and you are interested in doing a doctorate in research projects related to Technological Innovations for Health and Wellbeing send your data.

Contact us If you are interested in doing your final project with us, please don’t hesitate

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